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Goju Karate

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Goju comes from the Japanese words "Go", meaning hard, and "Ju", meaning soft. The practice of Karate Do at RMAC includes extensive study of striking, kicking, blocking, and punching.  The student learns these methods the practice of kata (prearranged forms), floor drills, and sparring.  This is supplemented by the study of Aiki-jutsu, which is joint locking, manipulation, and throwing techniques for self-defense.

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The kickboxing done as part of our karate curriculum involves teaches the practitioner to defend themselves as well as providing an outstanding aerobic conditioning experience.  Students will use foot, hand, and headgear protection to engage in closely monitored full-contact sparing sessions.




Arnis/Kali is a Filipino martial art.  Our students are instructed in the stick fighting method known as Modern Arnis, as established by Grandmaster Remy Presas.  Filipino Martial Arts develops attributes such as speed, agility, timing, body mechanics, and ambidextrous neuromuscular conditioning.