Ronin Martial Arts Center

(formerly MBC)

Over 30 years teaching experience


Children, Teens & Adults


Welcome to RMAC of Hammonton!

We have proudly served the Hammonton area providing martial arts instruction to families for over thirteen years.  Whether you are interested in lessons in self-defense, karate, kickboxing, or an overall fitness challenge - we have what you need!


Sensei Del Ross competing in Italy, 2009.

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Like his teacher, Sensei Marty Manuel of Vineland, Sensei Del Ross strives to provide quality martial arts training at an affordable price.  The benefits of karate go beyond physical fitness, the lessons learned from hard work in the dojo translate into life - self-respect, honor, confidence, and self-discipline to name a few.


MBC students are encouraged, but not required, to compete at local tournaments.  Leading by example, the photo above is of Sensei Del Ross competing in a point sparring match.  Photo credit: Mike Dixon

Because of it's strength, flexibility, and coordination requirements, many find karate to be an excellent companion to other sports and activities like soccer, dance, football, and baseball.


Sensei Del Ross and Mr Arauju leading a kickboxing seminar.