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Kickboxing Vocab:  The Basics

Orthodox - stance with left foot forward

South paw - stance with right foot forward

Jab - front hand, effective to distract and gauge range

Straight - rear hand, thrown with power

Hook (punch) - strike where punch travels parallel to floor while body pivots in direction of punch, front heel pops

Uppercut - similar motion to the hook but trajectory travels up instead of across

Backhand - strike thrown where back of hand makes contact with opponent

Chamber - refers to the position arms or legs travel from as the starting position of strike, lines up trajectory

Front kick - can be rear or front, strike or push, ball of foot

Side kick - linear motion travels to side, strike with heel (advanced alternative can strike with side blade of foot)

Round kick - can be thrown with rear or front leg, hips turn over, circular strike with lower shin/top of foot

Back kick - with hips facing forward the leg pushes behind in a straight outward motion (donkey kick)

More Advanced Techniques Vocab:

Fake - a technique thrown to illicit reaction from opponent, with the intention of allowing a different strike to be effectively thrown

Shovel hook - similar motion to a hook but moves out on a 45 degree angle

Switch - the act of quickly switching lead and rear feet to generate more force for strike

Hook kick - similar to side kick, but thrown slight in front of target, knee bends & thigh moves back parallel to floor,  foot whips back to complete strike

Leg check - the motion of a low kick (instep to shin) meant to stop opponents forward momentum

Question mark kick - starts with a low kick/leg check then is brought up to a round kick that finishes with hips turning over forcefully, bringing the force of kick down at an angle

Additionally, many strikes can be thrown using spins, jumps, and jump spinning techniques.