Ronin Martial Arts Center

(formerly MBC)

Over 30 years teaching experience


Children, Teens & Adults


You're not Scared of a little Sweat, are you?

If you aren't taking karate but want a challenging workout , or if you are a karate student looking to supplement your training, we also offer 90 minute kickboxing classes in the Vineland location.

More than just a cardio workout, students of all ages & abilities are lead through drills in the air and on heavy bags to provide maximum fitness benefits. 

  • Open to adult men, women, & teens, whether beginner, advanced, or somewhere in between
  • If you are looking to shape up, build strength, decrease stress, increase endurance, &/or learn new skills - come try a class – have fun & challenge yourself
  • You'll learn proper body mechanics including footwork, punches, various kicks, and other techniques, and how to put them into actual combinations
  • Drills are done in the air, striking focus pads, and also on heavy bags

 Kickboxing Schedule:  Mondays & Wednesday 5:30-7pm