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Before you select a martial arts program for yourself or your child, it is important to know about the type of martial art being taught, the class structure, and the qualifications of the instructor.  Here is some information you may find helpful.

What type of martial art do you teach?

Goju-Ryu is a style of traditional martial art, originating in Okinawa, that can be done throughout your lifetime.  It involves upper and lower body conditioning, core strength, and requires you to draw upon your balance and coordination.

What are classes like?

Karate classes run for at least an hour and include warm up calisthenics, stretching, katas (forms), floor drills, and may also include sparring, weapons, &/or self-defense.

If you have physical limitations Sensei Del Ross will work with you to find a modification to suit your needs.  Each student is recognized as an individual and will move along at their own pace.

Who is the instructor?

Sense Del Ross has been teaching martial arts in the Hammonton area for more than a decade and has over 25 years experience teaching children, teens, adults, & seniors.  He is a karate champion, former kickboxer, award winning instructor, and international competitor.  Sensei Del Ross personally instructs every class and his life's goal is to teach martial arts & kickboxing to whoever wants to learn it.

What are the benefits of training at Ronin Martial Arts Center?

Most people are familiar with the physical benefits of karate: strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination.  But learning a traditional art also takes self-discipline and teaches "life lessons" including patience and respect for themselves and others.  At RMAC we believe students gain self-confidence and build self-esteem through hard work and perseverance.  Our students learn to be assertive, not aggressive, and how to keep calm and focused, even under pressure.  Students test for rank only after they have successfully demonstrated suitable understanding of the requirements of their current level. 

When are children's classes?

Children's Karate classes are held Tuesdays and Thursdays, and they can also join the Open Floor class on Wednesdays.  Most kids train 2 days per week.  See Sensei to discuss which days/classes would best suit your child's age and abilities.  Our dojo is open year round and the skills learned in karate are complimentary to other sports and activities your child may be doing seasonally.   Please see our "Schedule" link for details on times.

When are adult classes?

Adult Karate classes meet on Tuesdays & Thursdays.  Additionally, adult karate students are also invited to train during our Open Floor on Wednesdays and can participate in our kickboxing classes at no additional cost.  (Note: If you have a child in karate & would prefer to train in class with them, see Sensei.)  Please see our "Schedule" link for details.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No.  At RMAC there are no contracts to sign ever.  However, we do offer a 10% discount if you pay for six months in advance.

How long do before I get a black belt?

As long as it takes.


If you still have questions please use the "Contact Us" link to send us an email.